“My first visit to Blair’s studio was both daunting and exciting.  Daunting because the volume of work that she had produced somehow needed to come together as an exhibit, and exciting as each new piece I looked at I would love to own.Each body of work represented a different phase of her painting career but the quality was constant though the color and medium varied.  Paintings monotypes and mixed media work filled the studio.  Blair’s energy and enthusiasm were ever present.”

Patricia Ladd Carega, gallery owner and independent curator

Poffabro, Italy photo credit: Cheryl St. Onge

Blair Folts is an artist and environmental activist living in New Hampshire. Her work is inspired by the powers of nature and her connection to the earth. She has traveled extensively in remote areas to seemingly inaccessible landscapes in search of this mystery. Through her art, she hopes to “convey the peacefulness and strength found in nature.” Through painting, printmaking, installation, photography, performance and writing, the artist strives to convey a sense of peace and strength amid the struggle to find one’s own personal place among our rapidly changing Earth.

An ardent conservationist, Folts is also the founder and executive director of the Green Mountain Conservation Group, a six-town conservation group located in the Ossipee Watershed in New Hampshire. Her experiences have pointed her to be intensely involved in the relationships between art and nature. “My creative inspiration begins through sketching the natural world even if the final work is later abstracted into huge canvases or alternative dance performances.”

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