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In 2006, I traveled into Mongolia from China. Traveling with small sketchbooks, I was able to record the landscape. This process allowed me to continue my search back home in my studio and my quest to understand the landscape where nomads live much as they have for thousands of years.

Having grown up with photographs of family who lived and traveled across China and Mongolia from 1920-1949, I felt familiar with the visual landscape and at home with drawing.

Attracted to a nomadic way of life where the herders continue to be deeply connected to living in balance with Nature, I felt strangely at home in this vast country and have continued to be inspired.

Spiritually I have been drawn to Mongolia from a life long interest in Buddhism. As a painter of open empty space, I have sought a landscape void of cityscapes and towns. As an environmentalist, I was also excited to find a country where the land is still open for its people to share – no one is allowed to own land on the Steppe – it is for everyone.

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“We, all people,Mongolian, Americans, Europeans, etc. have one, same motherland only. It’s our planet. Let us respect, love and protect it.” 
Zaya -Ulan Bataar, Mongolia