Printmaking has always played an important role in my creative process. During the 80s and 90s, it provided a way to further study landscapes that I was working on. Since the 90s it has evolved into an art form that represents layering. Printmaking work has included traditional etching and lithography, monotype, foam core etching and most currently Xerox lithography.As a member of the Peregrine Press, I work more as a non-traditional printmaker seeking to create one-of-a-kind prints more than editions. One of the most exciting aspects of printmaking to me is the surprise of each print. One is never completely sure what will appear.

Lithography: The process of lithography has always been a bit of a mystery. Even today through the effects of certain chemical reactions are understood, the complexities of those reactions are still mysterious. Lithography is based on the simple principle that grease and water do not mix. The lithographic surface must be etched or processed to accept ink on the image areas and to reject ink and accept water everywhere else. Gum Arabic is used to etch the plate. In traditional lithography a stone is used as a plate. Xerox Lithography involves “etching” Xerox “plates” with gum arabic and this making the ink stick to the black images on the Xerox and protecting white of the non-printed images.

Intaglio: The processes grouped as “intaglio” have in common the incision of lines or images in

to a surface. Intaglio prints are created when the incised areas are filled with ink and transferred to paper. With the techniques of engraving, wood engraving, drypoint, or mezzotint, a sharp tool draws directly onto the metal plate. With the techniques of traditional etching or aquatint, acid solution is used to create the incision. Once the intaglio plate is “incised” the plate is inked, wiped and run through a press.

Monotype: The activity of creating a single unique print. A monotype is created by simply created by placing ink on a late and transferring this image to paper via a press or rubbing method.